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The Rodolfus Choir

The Rodolfus Choir has established itself firmly over a period of thirty years as one of the leading young choirs in the United Kingdom. Our members are all alumni of the famous Eton Choral Courses and some of the finest young singers in the country.  Please note that membership of the Rodolfus Choir is by invitation only. 

 The fresh and vibrant sound of the choir is a reflection of our profound sensitivity to dynamic contrast, blend and phrasing. Under the leadership of our founder Ralph Allwood, we have become renowned for imaginative programming, innovative and exciting performances, as well as an extensive array of prestigious recordings.

We are very lucky to have established artistically fulfilling relationships with such world-class organisations as The Philharmonia Orchestra, the Philharmonia Voices and the Three Choirs Festival.

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The Chris Bennie Fund

The Chris Bennie Fund exists to support members of the choir may not be able to take a part in events for financial reasons. The fund was originally set up in 1985 in memory of a founder member of the choir who tragically died whilst on tour with Rodolfus. 

Marcia Bennie, Chris’s mother, writes "I’m very touched, and honoured, that Christopher should be remembered in this wonderful way. It has always been a comfort to know that he spent his last days among friends, doing what he loved, delighting in the shared experience of music making."