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Become a Friend


Our Friends have been supporting us since the 1980s, when the Rodolfus Choir was first launched. They have become a vital part of what we do and will continue to be the linchpin of the new Foundation. We completely rely on their support.

Benefits to becoming a Friend include invitations to private receptions and events, discounted tickets and CDs, and regular updates from the Choir. We thank all of our Friends in our concert programmes. Particularly generous Friends, or benefactors are thanked via our website. 

Sponsor a Singer

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For those that wish to have particularly close connection with the Foundation and our work, we would suggest sponsoring a singer, by donating the cost of a full bursary.

Our most disadvantaged singers require support in the form of full bursaries on an annual basis, costing up to £800 per year. Sponsored singers write directly to their donor at least once per year to update them on their progress. This is a fantastic way to see the direct impact that your donation has had on a young life.